Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Picnic Friends

Some friends and I hung out at Battery Park last Saturday. It felt really good to just lounge around, share music, and talk about life. At first I drew my friends one by one as they came, after drawing two of them I felt pooped. By that point everyone wanted to be drawn and I don't like drawing under pressure, it adds more stress to something I want to be natural. They were bummed out. But out of the ones I drew, I really liked them and decided to color it.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sketch Thursdays

From the beginning of this month, my friend, Vincy, and I have been meeting up every Thursdays to draw together. We keep it spicy by picking different places every week, hoping to see some weirdos to draw. It's been really fun so far because we just end up laughing at each other's poorly drawn illustrations. This week we went to the Met and drew a lot of statues from the European art wing. Have a look through my deformed, unproportionate figure drawings. I apologize if my drawings look really funky/freaky, I blame the statues for being broken in some areas.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Pie Hole + Some Art Supplies

A new painting of part of my Little Tokyo/ Arts District series. I imagined that I would be a lot farther along by this time and hopeful that I could finish by next month but I seeing as I'm way behind, so my series will be dragged on a little further.

Awhile back a few people have asked me what materials I use, so I thought I should share. The past two paintings for this series, I've had trouble loving, it could be because the paper I use isn't the best quality. The first 4 paintings were with some leftover Canson watercolor which worked beautifully. Since I ran out, I just went and bought a cheap Strathmore watercolor pad. To begin, I'm the type of shopper when I need to buy something practical, I just end up getting what is priced cheapest because quality isn't a big concern for me and I just need the practicality of it. However, when it comes to art supplies that's another story. Of course, I naturally try to go for my way of shopping and always learn that quality in this case, is most important to get your money's worth. So settling and paying for the Strathmore pad was a big mistake, an $8 mistake. It's not like I buy art materials that often, but when I do I need to teach myself that having to spend the extra money is essentially worth it, and cheap art materials do end up being cheap quality in most cases. It's a good habit to kick in.

For sketchbooks, so far I've been just using moleskines because I bought those skinny ones in a pack of 3. I went through the pack quickly and dug up a small moleskine I bought years ago that I never touched (that's a lie, I actually drew a llama in it and never went back to it). I actually don't like drawing in it because it's so small and hurts my hand, which does effect my drawing performance and desire to even want to draw. Another thing I will have to buy.

When it comes to painting, I always paint in watercolor and gouache. I don't think I'll ever paint in acrylic again, and I've never painted in oil and probably never will. The watercolor paints I've been using are actually dried paint that I squeezed onto my palette like almost 12 years ago. I can't believe I'm still using it to this day and haven't run out. It's actually paint that my dad bought for me in Korea. Which reminds me of an important thing, never buy paint marked "Made in China". When I do end up needing to buy some paint tubes, I go for Windsor and Newton. These guys are not cheap, they go for average $5 a tube. So thank God dried watercolor paint lasts a very long time. I've never used a watercolor pan set, but if they're from a good brand, I don't see how bad they can be. For gouache, I buy Holbein Acryla , also expensive at like $8 a tube but oh so worth it. Anyway, hope this was helpful for those who are still learning. Best of luck!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Thanks be to iphone's amazing camera quality or I would never post any photos on here. My friends and I went to Jersey for Memorial Day. I was quite a little skeptical to go at first, cause... it's Jersey. Oh boy was I wrong! We went to the New Jersey Botanical Garden and it was probably the best botanical garden I've ever been to yet. Brooklyn Botanical has got nothing on this! The space and greenery was humonguos. It's been quite a while since I've seen some wide open fields of grass. 

On the brochure there was no picnics permitted but we just decided to go for it anyway. At least we cleaned up after ourselves! I may or may not have had too many cups (not glasses) of wine.

John looking ever so pinteresty with the little flowers in his pocket. If I was a pro photographer, I'd filter the crap out of this photo, but alas I'm not so oh well.

Nora and I were having a bit too much fun taking jumping photos, but how can you not if you see something so symmetrical! I told John and Joyce to lay down and I'd take photos of them. John feeling awkward, I told him he'd thank me later. Of course the photos came out looking suuuuuper cute.

Then we ventured out to the swam lake/swamp where we saw no swans but only heard toads. Here is John looking super Polar in his gear.

After we drove to Wawayanda State Park. We took a walk around the lake and oh boy were those trees looking gorgeous. Here is little Nora fishing for some lily pads with a stick.

Ended the day eating at a weird diner and driving really fast back to the lake to catch the sunset. Jersey I guess you're cool, just sorta. I would totally love to come back and visit that botanical garden again though.